My approach

Teams Matter

I am a big believer in the team as a ‘unit of delivery’ – it takes many specialisms to deliver a service. It’s about helping the team as whole to achieve, to remove blockers, to challenge and to support them in doing a good job. Only then do you have a chance of delivering a good service.

It’s About Learning and Progress

Working with technical specialists I have always wondered why we promote them to be managers and leaders when management and leadership isn’t always their specialism (or what they love doing). I believe there ought to be reward and recognition for technical expertise – progression that doesn’t rely on moving into management.

It’s About health

That’s a healthy team in a healthy environment – it’s psychological safety, peer support and learning to deliver in an environment of uncertainty and change.

It’s About Process

I specialise in delivery after all and that’s all about process.

It’s observing what happens, understanding where the blockers are and refining the processes to remove them. It’s helping solve problems when they occur and managing risk so they don’t.

It’s about planning – it’s about pipelines, resourcing, getting the right people into the right teams and working on the right things.

It’s About Agility (not speed)

For me, agile is not a series of regimented methodologies and ceremonies – it’s a state of mind. I’m an agnostic agile practitioner. My approach to agile is user centred, research-led, data driven, value driven and iterative.

You can sum all this up as “If it works just do it, if it doesn’t try something else

Here’s Just some of the skills I use to achieve this
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership of cross-functional teams
  • Tackling automatic negative thoughts and building confidence
  • Goal setting and development plans
  • Strategic planning
  • Managing organisational change
Delivery management
  • Process development and improvement
  • Project planning
  • Requirements gathering and analysis
  • Managing risk and change
  • Managing budgets
  • Resource planning and management
  • Account management and pre-sales support